Wood Shelves – So Said As Never!

Furniture and shelves there in the various designs such as wood, metal, plastic and even cardboard.The also oldest and still most popular material on shelves and furniture is wood. No matter whether chairs, tables, shelves, benches, etc. – wood can be used for almost all types of furniture.Solid wood is quite expensive, is in this respect like dodged on Pressboard.

Shelves made of wood: the absolute classic in many apartments

In this respect should not be forgotten but, that different types of wood have different properties. The properties of the different Woods may vary greatly. There are thousands of types of wood that are suitable for a shelf in the apartment.Still, most native types of wood are preferably used.

Wood racks living room furniture wall shelf from wood

Applied numerous types of wood for the construction of the shelf

Maple: Hard wood is very uniform and has a bright color. Woods of Maple can be particularly well and are relatively stable in terms of the use of shelves.

Birch: This wood has a bright, mostly yellowish color.

It has straight fibres and is very appreciated in the building of shelves as easily processed wood.

Beech: Buchholz is very massive, shrinks very strongly and has therefore excellent processing properties. Especially in Europe, this wood is very often used for the production of furniture and shelves.

Ash: This wood offers a strikingly drawn and smooth surface. Here, a stain in almost any color is possible.

Spruce: This species is soft wood. This can be very well edited and self-construction is therefore very much applied in shelves in brand.

These are the most commonly used types of wood used for the production of wooden shelves.

Sources for shelves made from wood are home improvement stores, the retailers and the Internet. Who would like to obtain information regarding shelves from wood, as well as ideas about its processing, this find even more ideas on mycs.com!

Another advantage of wooden shelves is the eco-friendly material

In particular, shelves from wood to other materials can this score that wood is a natural and renewable raw material. Mainly untreated wood is often used for the construction of shelves. Such wood especially in individuals who suffer certain allergies is beneficial.Kite also, wood shelves can be expanded easily in self-built, usually meet to more shelf parts, Cordless screwdriver and screws. Colours shelves made from the material of wood can be changed at any time colour, for this reason, they are the absolute top seller in nurseries.

Not to mention the raw material wood spread a natural and comfortable ambience. No other material can compete in this relationship with wood.In addition, shelves made of wood is specifics. Structural results, grain and also situations such as for example cracks thus awarded its peculiarity every shelf.

Thanks to its excellent product quality appearance, specificity and longevity wood shelves are not only expressive and timeless, but especially considered to be stable in value.With regard to the decorative aspect, wooden shelves have many combination possibilities that allow many possibilities for special needs and desires.In addition to the above aspects is worth also containing always natural feel of wood just in terms of its appeal in the Interior very.